Newsletters 2019/2020 season

Newsletter for 2019/2020 Season

November 2019 Newsletter



STUDIO SWAG ORDER – GREAT GIFTS FOR BIRTHDAYS AND CHRISTMAS! Order forms are available at the studio with all the information on them.  Samples of several of the items will be at the studio within the next few weeks. Feel free to try on items.   The first order is due September 27, 2019.  The second order will go in October 30, 2019 (this will ensure items are back before Christmas)  In January, a studio spirit warm up jacket order only will go in, then the final SWAG order of the season will go in Feb 28, 2020.


SWAG order form in OneDrive doc


Little Caesar Pizza Kit Fund Raiser

Our annual Little Caesars Pizza Kit and Cookie Dough fundraiser is beginning this week. Orders and money should be turned into the studio by Wednesday Oct 9th We ask each family to try to sell 10 items each. Free SWAG prizes go to the top 2 sellers with over 15 items sold. This fundraiser enables the studio to purchase new music, video and teaching aids, recital expenses, etc.

Some families may choose to donate $ instead of participat- ing in the fundraiser.
The date of delivery is Thursday October 17th at 1:30pm. Volun- teers to unload and sort are greatly appreciated. Product can be picked up after 4:00pm that day.

Checks made payable toHeather’s Dance Company.Please put these dates on your calendar as the studio has no way for items to be kept cold.

The top seller (15 items or more) will win a SWAG backpack AND $10 off costume price.

Fundraiser ID 368770



2 thoughts on “Newsletters 2019/2020 season

    • No. The pams pantry fundraiser is for our dance at Disneyland or competition teams. There is currently not a fundraiser for regular class students to earn money for SWAG.

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