Recital Stuff 2019 COMING SOON

Everything on here is from LAST SEASON! Come back later for current season information*

*Note, the recital is in St. Johns this year 2019! Dress Rehearsal is Tuesday May 7th.

Recital Show A is 11:00am Saturday May 18th, 2019

Recital Show B is 3:30pm Saturday May 18th, 2019

Picture Date is Saturday April 13th, 2019


Everything Recital- shoe and tights requirements, picture time, dress rehearsal call time, show performance time information by class.

Pre Order Dance Pictures Here use Code Hthr18

2018 Summer Camp Schedule

recital guidelines 2018

Dress Rehearsal 2018

Recital 2018 Show A 11am

Recital 2018 Show B 330pm

Recital Video Order Form 2018

Recital program add 2018

Recital tshirt order form

Order Recital T-shirts here


Picture Day Schedule!ApmNzAixm-T2gh9qLdgVV-K2jZVg

Saturday April 14, 2018

Heather’s Dance Company Picture Schedule Come in the front door only. The back room door will be locked
Saturday April 14, 2018 and curtained for costume changes.
All pictures are at the dance studio. Order Forms will be available in March.

This Class (both columns) AND This Class (Both columns)
9:00am Adv. Dance- Cherry Wine Mon Tap 2- Bellhop Boogie
9:15am Adv. Dance- Flatliner Mon Ballet 2- Playtime Ballet
9:30am Adv. Dance- Mic Drop Mon. Jazz/HH 2- Boogie Woogie Sh
9:45am Comp Team- Mic Drop Mon. Tumbling 2- Mighty
10:00am Adv. Dance- Waterfall Mon Pre Dance- Teddy Bear Hop
10:15am Castles Dance-(24)
10:30am Mon Adv. Tap- City of Stars Senior Solo- Kendra,Lauren- , Elizabeth
10:45am Mon Lyrical 4- Come to the Table
11:00am Mon Jazz 4- Jet Set
11:15am Mon Adv. Tap- Uptown Shuffle
11:30am Mon Hip Hop 4- Funky Jesus Music Tue Pointe- Beyond the Veil
11:45am Disney Dance- (15)
12:00pm Staff Picture- Teachers/Assistants
12:15pm Tue Tap 1- Kickin it Country  Senior Solo: Elizabeth- Manolo
12:30pm Tue Ballet 1- Mazurka
12:45pm Tue Jazz/HH 1- Wheel on the Bus
1:00pm Tue Tumb 1- Stand out
1:15pm Fri Ballet Adv.- Allegro Vivace Wed Pre Dance- Cute and Cuddly
1:30pm Fri Lyrical Adv.- Rise Up Wed Pre Combo- Keep on Tryin/Diva Dolls
1:45pm Tue Tumb 4/Adv. – Thumbs Fri Tumb 2/3-Through Your Eyes
2:00pm Wed Combo 1/2- Fireflies/Monkey Business
2:15pm Wed Combo 3/4- Throne Room/Try Every. Wed Adv/Elite Tumb- Boogie Woogie Bugle
2:30pm Thurs Pre Combo- Choo Choo Boogie/Puppy Love
2:45pm Thurs Comp Team- Rhythm Nation
3:00pm Thurs Adv Baton- R2 Knows
3:15pm Thurs Tap 3- Soda Pop Bop Thurs Tumb 3- Whats My Name
3:30pm Thurs Lyrical 3- Nobody Knows
4:00pm Thurs Jazz/HH 2- Backseat Driver Senior Solo: Lily-Backseat Driver

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