Ballet/Technique Dance

Classes work at the barre for technique and strength skills.

Center and across the floor steps develop balance, speed and strength.

This class is not all slow, many jumps and quick steps are learned.

Traditional classical music is used for conventional ballet, some praise and worship music is used for turns and leaps.

Fine motor skills, muscle memory, strength and technique are developed in this class along with vocabulary and memory skills.

2022 classes that are Ballet only

2022 Classes that are Technique/Conditioning


2 thoughts on “Ballet/Technique Dance

  1. My 5 yr old daughter is interested in dance classes. Can you please let me know what options are available for her. Thank you!

    • 5 year olds can take any class with a level 1 after it. It’s too late for this season (as it goes from sept- May) but she would have been able to join any of the Monday level 1 classes, or the Wednesday combo 1-2 class.
      The summer camp schedule is ready to accept registration now. There are some great maker/dancer camps that partner with the Fab five design art studio here in town.

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