Bring a friend to dance week! March 21-24

Bring a friend to dance week! This week students are invited to bring a friend close to their age to dance class with them. Friends can participate for Free and dance at their own risk. Due to liability reasons we will not be using any rebound devices with friends.

This is also a great week to start making up missed lessons. I’ll post the studio schedule below. Dancers can come to any class style within the correct age range. If they are close to the next level, they could try that with my approval.

2022 schedule

4:00-4:45 pre combo.
4:45-5:15 tumbling 1
5:15-5:45 jazz/hip hop 1
5:45-6:15 ballet 1
6:15-6:45 tumbling 2
6:45-7:30Adv tap
7:30-8:30 adv ballet/lyr/cont
8:15-9:15 adv hip hop/jazz

4:30-5:00 musi theater minis
5:00-5:45 tumbling 2
5:45-6:15 jazz/hip hop 2
6:15-6:45 ballet 2
6:45-7:15 Tap 2
7:15-8:15 hip hop/jazz 4
8:00-9:00 ballet/lyr/cont 4

4:15-5:00 Tumbling 2
5:00-5:45 combo 1-2
5:45- 6:15 pre dance
6:15- 7:00 pre combo
7:00-7:45 musical theater
7:45- 8:15 Adv baton
8:15-9:00 adult class

5:15-6:00 tumbling 3
6:00-6:30 Tap 3
6:30-7:15 hip hop/jazz 3
7:15-8:15 tumbling 4/adv
8:15-9:15 pointe

Glo week this week- bring friend postponed to March 20

Good morning!
Due to missing 2 weeks in a row for Wed and Thurs Classes, I am postponing Bring a Friend to Dance week until the week of March 20th. We will still have glo week this week!
This week I have costumes for most of the classes that haven’t received theirs yet.
Parents, please plan on sticking around to help dancers put costumes on over leotards in the following classes.
Mon pre combo
Mon tumbling 1
Mon Adv jazz/hh
Tues tumb 2
Tues jazz/hh 2
Tues ballet 2
Wed combo 1-2
Wed pre dance
Wed pre combo
Wed musical theater- bring Day O
Wed Adv Baton
Thurs jazz/hh 3
Thurs tumb 3
Thurs adv tumb

Wed Feb 22 classes Canceled due to weather conditions.

Well, I was hoping the storm would be a big “non event”. It’s not.

So, Wednesday Feb 22, classes are canceled due to weather conditions.

I will work on making some videos, especially for the littles tonight. I will also come up with a make up schedule to offer everyone.

Regular Classes resume Thurs Jan 5th

Adult Tap! Register now!

Adult Tap begins Wednesday January 11 8:15-9:00pm. Some tap experience is helpful but not required. The class runs from January through Mid May. We are learning a routine for the recital, but participation in the performance is not required. Come tap just for fun and exercise! 
Register Here:

Thanksgiving week!

Just a reminder that I will only see students that dance on Monday and Tuesday this week. NO CLASSES WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Enjoy your time with your families.

Ps: I have not worked on costume orders this weekend but plan to this week. If you have not paid, not turned in your order, or gotten with me to make arrangements, I will be reaching out this week to check on your recital intentions.