What to wear under Costumes

It is recommended that students wear a nude color leotard under costumes to maintain modesty. Any student that CHANGES THEIR COSTUME backstage or in a dressing room IS REQUIRED to wear a nude color leotard under costumes to maintain modesty.

Monday Classes: Tights REQUIRED for all Monday classes (convertible for Adv class)
Tuesday Classes: Tights REQUIRED for Tumbling 4, Ballet/Tap 1, Elite Tumbling, Ballet 4 (convertible) and Jazz 4. Tights OPTIONAL for Tumbling/Hip Hop 1
Wednesday Classes: Tights REQUIRED for all Wednesday Classes. (convertible for Combo ¾)
Thursday Classes: Tights REQUIRED for Pre Combo, Tap 3, Ballet 3 (convertible). Tights OPTIONAL for Adv. Baton, Tumbling 3 and Hip Hop 3
Friday Classes: Tights REQUIRED for all Friday Classes

Tights and undergarments for costumes: Discount Dance Supply (use Code TP31523 to get 10% off and give our studio credit)

Nude Leotard (undergarment) Child Sizes:https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_N237C.html?pid=26073&Shop=Style&&skey=undergarment&search=true&SortOrder=R&SID=1108487830


Nude Leotard (undergarment) Adult Sizes:https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_N8301.html?pid=4204&Shop=Style&&skey=undergarment&search=true&SortOrder=R&SID=1108489568


Light Suntan Footed Tights Child Size: https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_T5415C.html?pid=24040&Shop=Style&&skey=tights&search=true&SortOrder=R&SID=1108492690

Light Suntan Convertible Tights Child Size: https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_T5515C.html?pid=24042&Shop=Style&&skey=tights&search=true&SortOrder=R&SID=1108493811

Light Suntan Convertible Tights Adult Size:https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_T5515.html?pid=24043&Shop=Style&&skey=tights&search=true&SortOrder=R&SID=1108493811

Light Suntan Footed Tights Adult Size: https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_T5415.html?pid=24041&Shop=Style&&skey=tights&search=true&SortOrder=R&SID=1108493811

Dance Classes Monday December 12 Cancelled

Due to bad road conditions, Monday December 12, 2016 dance classes are cancelled.  Although Christmas break starts next week, we will plan to have classes on Monday December 19th at regular times.

Enjoy your snow day.


Merry Christmas Dancers

Attached is the December Newsletter, it has important information about the Santa Parade this Friday December 2nd.

Poinsettia Order Forms as well.


December 2016 Newsletter (it says 2015, but its really 2016)

Santa Parade and Christmas Show is THIS FRIDAY DECEMBER 2ND. If you are in the parade, line up is behind the courthouse at 5:30. The parade starts at 5:45. Dress WARM. Glow yourself up!
 The show immediately after the parade is at the studio. Students should wear anything Christmasy. If they are in multiple routines, they will NOT have the opportunity to change clothes. The studio will be a mad house! Yay Christmas! Please show the Christmas Spirit! Here is the tentative lineup and times:
6:30pm Nutcracker (Mon Ballet 2), Jingle Bells (Fri and Wed Pre Dance), Frosty the Snowman (Tues Tap 1), Christmas Wrapping (Thurs Jazz 3), Star to Follow (Pointe)
6:45pm We Three Kings (Wed Baton 1), Silent Night (Wed Combo 1⁄2), I Want a Hippo for Christmas (Wed and Thurs Pre Combo), Rockin around the Christmas Tree (Mon Tap 2)
7:00pm O Come All Ye Faithful (Tues Tumb 4, Thurs Tumb 3), Deck the Halls (Mon Tumb 2, Fri tumb 2), All I want for Christmas Is You (Tue Elite and Wed Adv Tumbling), Run Run Rudaloph (Tues tumb 1)
7:15pm Sleigh Ride (Mon Adv Tap), Mad russian Christmas (Wed Combo 3⁄4 and Thurs Ballet 3), I’ts Christmas Time (Thurs tap 3), What Child is This (Tues Ballet 4), Christmas Eve Sarajevo (Thurs Adv Baton), Baby Jesus is Born (Tues Jazz 4)