Company Policies-read prior to enrolling

Please print and read the company policy prior to enrolling.!ApmNzAixm-T2gVioi0mEfw7amuWC!ApmNzAixm-T2gVioi0mEfw7amuWC

Here it is for you as well.

Heather’s Dance Company* Company Policies 2018/2019 Season

* 221 N. Clinton Ave., St. Johns, MI 48879* (517) 256-2074 Heather Reed Cell * ,
COMPANY POLICIES 2018-2019 Season* Director: Heather Reed
Classes offered: Pre Dance (Ballet, Jazz and Tumbling), Tap, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Ballet/Lyrical/Contemporary, Tumbling, and Baton. Combo Classes (include tap, jazz/HH, ballet and Tumbling), Competition Team
Ages: 2 ½ to Adult Age and levels are guidelines only and some exceptions can apply.
Levels: 2-3 yr olds= Pre Dance 3-4 yr olds = Pre Level 5-6 yr olds = Level 1 7-9 yr olds = Level 2
10-12 yr olds = Level 3 13 & up = Level 4 Advanced= must be in HS


CLASS GOALS AND POLICY: Motto: Praise God through Dance. We are Christian in faith and will often refer to and praise Jesus during our classes. Classes are structured to have fun! However, students are asked to listen and pay attention, practice at home and have an “I’ll try” attitude. Stickers and/or treats for good listeners and good overall classes are often given as rewards.

  • Students are enrolled for the entire dance season, which is from September 5, 2018 to May 18, 2019. (9 months) Due to holidays and breaks students average 3.5 lessons per month.
    • Optional end of the season Recital May 18th (3rd weekend of May). Student must be available for either show A (11:00am) or B (3:00pm) (whichever the students class is scheduled for) and the rehearsal (TBA) to participate. (Costume purchase is required $70 with payment in full on November 16, 2018 before the student can participate) Student is NOT required to participate in the recital to be in class.
    • A $10.00 one-time, non-refundable registration fee per class must be paid when enrolling students. The student spot will not be held in any class until this registration fee is paid.
    • Lesson payments are due the first lesson of the month. The same payment is due each month regardless of the number of lessons attended. There is a $2 discount if the tuition is paid/received in cash or check by the 7th of each month. No exceptions.
    • Payments can be put in an envelope and place in the lock box at the front of the studio. Please be sure to note the student and class name so that it is applied correctly. VISA and MASTERCARD are also accepted online. Log into your customer portal from the studio website.
    • Lessons missed due to student or parent illness or other personal reasons are not the responsibility of Heather’s Dance Company. No refunds or discounts are available and lesson payments must be made in accordance with the rule above. However, students may make- up classes of similar level and style, please speak with your instructor regarding availability.
    • A $10.00 late fee will be charged for tuition not paid by the 10th of the month unless prior arrangements are made. (This will automatically be charged to each account this season)
    • To show respect for the instructor and for safety Gum and Candy should be disposed of before class and students should not “chit chat” with each other during class, but listen and be attentive.
    • Students should use the bathroom before (not during) class. (This especially applies to little ones: If one person uses the bathroom during class, then everyone has to go and the attention to the lesson is lost)
    o Students and parents are asked to not come to the studio more than 10 minutes before class time. The time before the studio opens is used by instructors to prepare for the day; distractions result in lost planning time.
    o Students and visitors are required to stay quiet and seated in the waiting area prior to class time. Observers may watch in the dance area during their child’s or siblings class time only. Dancers waiting for the next class should be in the waiting area, not in the dance area watching the class before theirs.
    o Absolutely no tumbling in the waiting area- ever. Failure to comply is reason for immediate dismissal!




    o Parents and visitors are welcome and encouraged to watch the class. This is helpful for home practice and faster advancement. Observers must refrain from correcting the student during class. Talking to your student and noise in general are disruptive to the class and should be kept to an extreme minimum. The waiting area is not sound proofed to the dance area. When entering and exiting the building before and after class, students and parents need to remember to be courteous to others in class and keep noise to an extreme minimum.
    o Employees and/or staff of Heather’s Dance Company are not babysitters. However, the administrative staff will remind children to be quiet in the waiting area and should be respected as such. If you will be leaving children under 8 while running an errand, etc, please arrange for another parent of a classmate to know when/where to expect you. An older sibling under the age of 12, may not be responsible for watching and getting younger siblings to class at the studio.
    • Video and photographic cameras ARE permitted unless disruptive to the student or classmates.
    o The Christmas and Spring Breaks follow the St. Johns School schedule, *note this exception: If there is no school due to teacher in-service or other Holiday- there will still be dance class. There is no class the Wed, Thurs and Fri of Thanksgiving week. Check the website calendar page for cancelations and schedules.
    o If school is cancelled because of bad weather, dance class may also be cancelled. There are possible exceptions. The studio prefers to have class instead of canceling them, so if it clears up, we will still have class. Please check the website main blog page for cancelations. You may also check the studio Facebook page or Call Heather 517-256-2074 to see if classes are cancelled. Classes will NOT be made up due to bad weather, unless there is more than one on a particular day of the week
    o GIRLS CLOTHING: Appropriate dance attire is required for ALL classes. A Leotard is required for all ages and all classes (except adults) Other appropriate clothing would include the following: Leotards with or without tights, unitards, bike shorts under a leotard. Jazz pants, shorts, T-shirts and sweatshirts are allowed only over a leotard, must be flexible material and the student must be able to remove them at the instructor’s request.
    o BOYS CLOTHING: Shorts or sweatpants with a T-shirt is allowed. Shorts that are too loose or baggy and/or jeans are not acceptable.
    o All clothing must be appropriate and free from demeaning language and symbols.
    o HAIR: Must be restrained or tied back away from students face. *Beware* Headstands and front rolls can hurt with some hair clips, especially on the tops of the head.
    o SHOES: Proper shoes are required by the first lesson in October.
    Tap: (levels: Pre and 1) need shiny black low-heel tie or buckle tap shoes. (levels 2, 3, 4; Adv.) need black jazz/tap slip on oxford, flat heel shoes with high quality taps attached. (levels 4/adv) may need high heel taps
    Ballet/Lyrical: (levels: Pre, 1, 2, 3, 4 ) need pink ballet shoes. (level 3 and 4 need lyrical PAWS as well)
    Jazz/Hip Hop: (levels: Pre, 1, 2, 3) need tan slip on jazz shoes. (level 4 and Adv.) need tan Grecian sandals and levels 1-advanced need clean tennis shoes, converse or boots for hip hop in class
    Pre Dance: need white ballet shoes
    Tumbling: (levels: Pre, 1, and 2) need white tumbling shoes with rubber, non-slip bottoms. (levels 3, 4 and advance) need black tumbling shoes with rubber, non-slip bottoms.
    Baton: black slip on jazz shoes
    Combo classes: (pre) need black shiny buckle tap shoes and pink ballet shoes(1 and 2, 3 and 4) need tan slip on jazz shoes and black slip on oxford, flat heel tap boot/shoes



    o The end of the season recital (3rd weekend in May) is optional. Students will learn a routine during class time with the option to purchase a costume and perform in the show.
    o Costumes are $70 each. The costume is shown to the class and order forms are sent home with students in October, with the money and measurements due November 16th.
    o Tickets need to be purchased to observe the show $10 each. Or $13 at the door
    • FUND RAISER: The studio asks that students participate in our annual Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fund Raiser in the fall and Pampered Chef Fund Raiser in the spring. Students are asked to sell 10 items each. Prizes of dancewear are awarded to the top 3 sellers. If students do not wish to participate, a donation would be accepted. Although students are not required to participate in the fund raiser, this enables the studio to keep its lesson and costume prices set without annual price increases. Funds earned go toward updated music, teaching workshops, building repair, office equipment and/or tumbling equipment and recital expense.
    • WITHDRAWAL/TRANSFER POLICY: The student is enrolled for the entire dance season (September to May- 9 months). If the student wishes to withdraw from class for any reason, the administrative staff must be notified before the next class. (it is not our wish to force someone to dance or tumble who does not want to, therefore, please do not hesitate to speak to Heather Reed- director/owner if a student wishes to transfer or drop). Failure to do so may result in a penalty charge or owing the remaining balance of lesson payments for the year.
    • A monthly newsletter is emailed out to students the first lesson of each month to keep parents informed of happenings, opportunities and changes within the studio. Newsletters are also posted on the website each month. Please provide a valid email address for the newsletters to be emailed to parents.
    • The company name, logo, photographs, props and publications including brochures, newsletters, signs, handouts, recital programs, etc. are property of Heather Reed and Heather’s Dance Company and should not be reproduced, copied, or used in any other manner without specific permission from Heather Reed.
    • The teaching staff including assistants, student teachers, adult instructors and administrative staff are considered a part of Heather’s Dance Company faculty, therefore any “outside” opportunities, jobs, volunteerism, performances, choreographies, etc regarding dance, tumbling or twirling should be requested through Heather Reed and Heather’s Dance Company and not individually or privately.
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