Heather’s Dance Company is locally owned and directed by Heather Reed. Beginning in Fowler 27 years ago, the studio has grown from one teacher in a cafeteria, to a teaching staff of 7, including 4 adult instructors and 5 student instructors and assistants..

Heather’s well trained and professional staff keep their dance education up to date by participating in professional workshops and competitions throughout the year. Although current on all the latest dance trends and choreography, Heather’s Dance Company does not always teach the latest and greatest.

Director, Heather Reed feels very strongly about teaching students to be confident in their body type but to also be modest in how students move and portray themselves around others.

All classes are uniquely designed to encourage an appreciation and interest in dance and music. While sharing the love of dance and the love of Christ with students, staff strives to provide a fun, enthusiastic & nurturing environment for all ages of students.

Motto: Praise God through Dance. We are Christian in faith and will often refer to and praise Jesus during our classes.

Vision #1: Classes are structured to have fun! However, students are asked to listen and pay attention, practice at home and have an “I’ll try” attitude.  If you say “I Can’t” you are saying “I Won’t Try”! 

Vision #2:  To teach young boys and girls to have pride and confidence in themselves, along with their bodies without exposing or exploiting themselves. 

Vision #3:  To teach young people how to be productive, hardworking, compassionate members of society.