Registration 2022-2023 Accepting through Nov

REGISTRATION FOR 2022-2023 season – begins July 15, 2022

Levels: Pre Dance=2-3yrs, Pre Combo= 3-4yrs, Level 1=5-6yrs,

 Level 2=7-9 yrs, Level 3=10-12yrs, Level 4=13-up, Level Adv/Elite=by skill


4:00-4:45          Pre Combo

4:45-5:15          Tumbling/Acro 1

5:15-5:45           Hip Hop/Jazz 1

5:45-6:15           Ballet 1

6:15-6:45           Tap 1

6:45-7:30           Tap Adv

7:30-8:30           Ballet/Lyr/contemp Adv

8:15-9:15           Hip Hop/Jazz/Funk Adv



4:30-5:00           Musical Theater Junior

5:00-5:45           Tumbling 2

5:45-6:15           Hip Hop/Jazz 2

6:15-6:45           Ballet 2

6:45-7:15           Tap 2

7:15-8:15            Hip Hop/Jazz/Funk 4         

8:15-9:15           Ballet/Lyr/Contemp 



4:15-5:00           Tumbling 2

5:00-5:45           Combo 1-2

5:45-6:15           Pre Dance

6:15-7:00           Pre Combo

7:00-7:45           Musical Theater

7:45-8:30           Baton Adv

8:30-9:15           Adult Tap



5:15-6:00           Tumbling 3

6:00-6:30           Tap 3

6:30-7:15           Hip Hop/Jazz/Funk 3

7:15-8:15          Tumbling 4/Adv/Elite

8:15-9:15           Pointe


Saturdays (10 weeks Sept 17-Nov 19)

1:00-1:45          Combo pre and 1


Company Policies: Please read prior to enrolling

Company Policies

Studio Calendar 2022/2023 Season

HDC Calendar 2022-23

Pre Dance (ages 2-3),

Pre Level (ages 3-4),

Level 1 (ages 5-6),

Level 2 (ages 7-9),

Level 3 (ages 10-13),

Level 4 (ages 12-18),

Advanced/Elite (ages 12 and up with appropriate skill)

When registering for a 2022/2023 dance season class, there is a one time $25 registration fee per class. This fee is non refundable, but holds your students spot in the class. Several popular classes fill up. If a class fills up, the spots go to the registered students that have paid their registration fee. No other payment is due until September, when lessons start.

Please note that you can register for a class with this link. (if there is not room in a class, you will be prompted to be on the waiting list)

You must enter a credit card on file.  Lesson tuition is due by the 5th of the month, you can pay with cash, check, Venmo or PayPal before the 5th.  If it is not paid by then, the card will be charge. No exceptions.

Online Registration

Classes begin the week of….

Where do I get shoes? where do I get shoes?

Shoe requirements by class: shoe requirements by class

Online dance shoe store link: Shop Nimbley online dancewear store

Company Policies: Please read prior to enrolling

Company Policies




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