No cancellations

As of 2:10pm today, Wednesday Jan 5. I do NOT plan to cancel classes tonight. As always, please do what is best for your family as far as traveling on the roads. The studio will be OPEN.

Christmas break

Christmas Glow week Dec 13-17th! Come to class with some lights or glow on. We will have the lights dim for most of the class!

No regular classes Dec 20- 31. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Classes resume Monday January 3rd!

If you are interested in still registering for classes, there is limited availability in some classes. Click on the registration tab. It will tell you if there is room or not. We typically accept registration through December. New students can start after Christmas Break.

November Information

1) Recital costumes and orders are due Nov 20th. Please be sure to fill out the costume form and get me the measurements.  I will try to measure everyone in class so I can double check costume sizes but I still need the other information from everyone please. You can log into the parent portal to pay for the costume, write a check, cash, or send money via PayPal, Venmo @heather-reed-180, cash app 517-256-2074.

Here is the google form for that. Costume Order From

2) If you are able to help with a costume angel, we appreciate all the support.  You could write a check or drop cash in an envelope with costume angel written on it.  If you NEED a costume financial assistance, please reach out and we will get you on the list.  We have never had to deny anyone, but sometimes it takes a bit of time to get all the needed funds.  

3) Christmas performance opportunities:  Santa Parade Friday Dec. 3 (dress wear and walk or ride on the float)  Perform at Grace haven Saturday Dec 4, Perform at the pavilion downtown St Johns Sat Dec 4, Perform at The Brook retirement facility in Portland.  Dancers will wear anything Christmasy.  (I have matching headpieces for several classes, I will need a final count before I know that I have enough) I am, sorry that the link did not work.  Here is an other link to our calendar.  Scroll to December and see the events on the calendar for the correct days. You can also sign into your parent portal and sign up under events.

Parent Portal

4) Reminder with weather coming:  If school is cancelled due to weather that does NOT mean the dance is cancelled.  Be sure to check the studio Facebook, IG pages and website.  A determination will be made by 12:00 that day.  If roads clear up, we will still have classes.  Do not assume that classes are cancelled. 

5) No classes Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat Nov 24, 25, 26, 27 This is the week of Thanksgiving. 

6) DECEMBER PARENT WATCH WEEK!  I forgot to schedule one for December!  Parents are welcome to come into the studio to watch the Christmas routines the week of Nov 29-Dec 3!  This way you can see the cute little routines we will be working hard on, BEFORE they perform at Grace haven, the pavilion, or The Brook. 

Monday classes pre combo and level 1 cancelled monday nov 1

Monday dance families, Due to a travel issue with me getting back in time, all monday pre combo and level 1 classes are cancelled today.
The studio will open at 6:45 for the advanced classes.
I apologize for this late notice, but offer the following options to make up the classes.
Pre combo: you can come to any other pre combo class until the end of December to make it up. Wednesdays 6:00-6:45 or Thursdays 5:45-6:30
Level 1: you can come to the Tuesday level 2 classes (they will be learning the same Christmas routines for the next 3 weeks) 5:00-5:45 tumbling 25:45-6:15 jazz/hip hop 26:15-6:45 ballet 26:45-7:15 Tap 2
Again, so sorry for the issue. I joked last week that I always think I should cancel the day after Halloween because kids have sugar highs. Lol I swear, this was not planned. Our repair should be finished by noon, but we are several hours from home. Enjoy your day, hopefully you can all make it to another class this week. 😊Miss Heather

Costume Orders


In order to be in “Just Dance 2022 Recital” you will need to commit to the following dates.  

Date of Recital: Saturday May 14, 2022           Date of Dress Rehearsal: Tuesday May 10, 2022 

Both the dress rehearsal and both shows will be held at St. Johns HS auditorium this season.  

Although the recital is not until May 2022, we NEED to get costumes ordered ASAP!  Costume companies are in a pretty tight spot, how many and which costumes should be in stock, etc.  The earlier we get the orders in, the faster we will get in line for production, etc. The orders and payments are due by Saturday November 20th at 10:30am. If there is a financial reason why you cannot pay by then, please communicate that with me.  We strive to allow anyone who wants to participate in the recital be able to do so.  We have a generous costume angel fund- more on that below.  

This is how the recital will work this year.  Each class is assigned to a Show- Either Show A 11:00am or Show B 3:30pm.  I always attempt to keep families all in the same show, but am not always successful.  That information is below; please be sure to check if your students are in the same show and let me know if they are not asap so I can change as needed if possible.  Classes in level 4 and advanced will perform in 2 shows. Classes in level 3 and below will perform in 1 show.   

When recital tickets go on sale, usually around the Spring Break depending on any seating restrictions.  

Working on recital routines:  In classes, we will begin working on recital routines around mid November or December.  

How to Order a Costume:  Each costume is $70.  The fee will be added to your dance account showing an invoice and due date of November 20th.   If you are on auto pay- your card WILL NOT be auto charged for a costume.  I will know that you want a costume if you pay for it. The usual payment methods will work.  Cash, check, Venmo @heather-reed-180, PayPal as a friend, or log into the parent portal and pay with a CC.  

Tights: Tights do not come with the costumes EXCEPT “pre level” classes.  If you’d like me to order tights for your with your costume, they are $10. You can also order your own later.  All tights should be natural or skintone. 

Costume Sizes: Here is a Google Form to fill out with sizing information. ***IMPORTANT costume Order Form 2022 recital ****THIS IS REQUIRED! Please fill it out with as must information as possible so that I can determine what size your dancer needs.  You will need to log into a google account to access the form.   You can submit ONE FORM PER FAMILY, just note which dancer for which sizes.  

IF YOU DECIDE NOT TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RECITAL: After you pay for and order your costume, there are NO REFUNDS.  Also, If you decide not to order a costume now, I may not be able to get you one later.  If you need your dancer in a certain show because of a major event, like a family wedding, please ask if its possible.  I always do what I can.  

If your student is not participating in the recital, she or he will still remain part of the class and learn the choreography. Be sure that he/she knows that they are not getting a costume because they won’t be in the show. I will not make them feel bad for not participating.  We talk about the recital a LOT in classes to be sure that students are fully prepared to go onstage.   

COSTUME ANGEL AND FINANCIAL AID:  If a student wishes to participate in the recital but families have financial difficulties and can not afford a costume, we have the costume angel program.  This program allows for generous people to donate anonymously to the students account.  This is still a GREAT NEED.  If you are financially able to assist a family, please drop cash, check, Venmo or PayPal with a costume angel note to the studio. Donations will be applied directly to a student’s account that needs it.  Each costume is $70, but donations of any amount are accepted.  

If you NEED the assistance, please contact me.  I do not require your financial hardship story; just tell me you could use it and I will put you on the list.  

Monday  Show A=11:00AM B=3:30PM DANCER NEEDS 

Pre Combo A-2 routines pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tights included 

Tap 1  A black tap shoes, natural tights 

Tumbling 1 A black tumbling shoes, natural tights 

Jazz/HH 1 A tan jazz shoes, natural tights 

Ballet 1 A pink ballet shoes, natural tights 

Adv Tap A and B -2 routines black tap shoes (flat and high heel), natural tights 

Adv Jazz/HH A and B -2 routines tan pure knit jazz shoes, black high-top, natural tights 

Adv Ballet/Contemp A and B -2 routines pink ballet, nude foot undez, natural footless tights


Tumbling 2 B black tumbling shoes, natural tights 

Jazz/HH 2 B tan jazz shoes, natural tights 

Ballet 2 B pink ballet shoes, natural tights 

Tap 2 B black tap shoes, natural tights 

Tap 4 A and B -2 routines A black tap shoes, natural tights 

Jazz/HH 4 A and B -2 routines tan jazz shoes, black high-top sneakers, natural tights 

Ballet/Contemp 4 A and B -2 routines pink ballet, nude foot undez, natural footless tights 


Combo 3-4 B-2 routines tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes, natural tights 

Combo 1-2 B-2 routines tan jazz shoes, black tap shoes, natural tights 

Pre Dance A pink ballet shoes, tights included 

Pre Combo B-2 routines pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tights included 

Adv tumbling A and B black tumbling shoes, natural tights 

Musical theater A and B -2 routines black jazz shoes, natural tights 

Competition Team HH junior A and B black high-top sneakers, natural tights 

Competition Team HH senior A and B black high-top sneakers 

Competition Team Jazz A and B tan pure knit jazz shoes, natural tights 

Competition Team Contemporary A and B natural footless tights 


Ballet/Lyrical 3 A pink ballet shoes, natural tights 

Tumbling 3 A black tumbling shoes, natural tights 

Pre Combo A-2 routines pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, tights included 

Jazz/HH 3 A-2 routines tan jazz shoes, black high-top, natural tights 

Tumbling 4 A and B black tumbling shoes, natural tights  

Adv Baton A and B black jazz shoes, natural tights 

Pointe A and B pointe shoes, natural tights 

Classes Start Wed Sept 8th.

Still accepting Registration for the 2021-2022 season. If a class is full and you are interested, please join the waitlist as students get moved around often based on skill or schedule changes.

Regular Season Classes start Wednesday September 8th.

The 10 week Saturday classes start on September 18th. These classes end after 10 weeks and will not have a recital.

Competition Teams will begin forming October 1, information will be published by Sept 8th.

2021-2022 Dance Season accepting registration now!

Summer 2020 Dance Camps-2.png

Registration is open for anyone on July 1st.  Please be sure to pay the registration fee to have your spot held in a class. 

Here is the Link to register or log into your parent portal. summer and fall classes to register. 

Have a great week and a wonderful Independence Day celebration weekend. 

Miss Heather

Classes start September 8th.

2021/2022 schedule 


4:00-4:45 pre combo

4:45-5:15 tap 1

5:15-5:45 tumbling 1

5:45-6:15 jazz/hip hop 1

6:15-6:45 ballet 1

6:45-7:15 Adv tap 

7:15-8:15 adv hip hop/jazz 

8:15-9:15 adv ballet/lyr/cont


4:00-4:30 technique 

4:30-5:00 pre dance 

5:00-5:45 tumbling 2

5:45-6:15 jazz/hip hop 2

6:15-6:45 ballet 2

6:45-7:15 Tap 2

7:15-7:45 Tap 4

7:45-8:30 hip hop/jazz 4

8:30-9:15 ballet/lyr/cont 4


4:00-4:45 combo 3-4

4:45-5:30 combo 1-2

5:30-6:00 pre dance 

6:00-6:45 pre combo 

6:45-7:30 tumbling adv/elite

7:30-8:15 musical theater 

8:15-9:15 Disney/comp 


4:00-4:45 ballet 3

4:45-5:15 beg baton 

5:15-6:00 Tumbling 3

6:00-6:30 Tap 3

6:30-7:15 hip hop/jazz 3

7:15-8:00 Tumbling 4

8:00-8:30 adv baton

8:30-9:15 pointe 


10 week class

Sept 17, 24, Oct 1, 8, 15, 21, 29, Nov 5, 12, 19

6:00-7:00 Condition/Technique/stretch


10 week classes 

Sept 18, 25, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20

9:00-9:45 Dance&Tumb1-2

9:45-10:30 Dance&Tumb Adv

10:30-11:15 Dance&Tumb 3-4 

11:15-11:45 Beg Baton 

9 week classes 

Sept 25, Oct 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Nov 6, 13, 20

Adult 3 weeks each style tap, jazz, ballet 


Summer 2021 camps registering now

All summer camps are short 2-4 classes, just enough to give your dancer a taste of what a regular season class would be like.

Get a list of camps with the option to register here: dance camps 2021

2021-2022 season info including schedule will be available by July 1.

Open enrollment open houses will be at the studio on the following dates:

Tuesday July 20 3:00-7:00

Tuesday August 17 4:00-7:00

Tuesday Sept 7 4:00-7:00

Classes will start the week of September 13th