Summer Camps 2022- closed

CLASS GOALS AND POLICY: Motto: Praise God through Dance. We are Christian in faith and will often refer to and praise Jesus during our classes. Classes are structured to have fun! However, students are asked to listen and pay attention, practice at home and have an “I’ll try” attitude. Summer session is more casual and relaxed than regular season classes. They are designed to give the student a “taste” of the classes.

Payment must be made prior to the camp starting. Payment methods accepted: credit card online through the parent portal, paypal to, venmo @Heather-Reed-180, cash or check payable to Heather’s Dance Company. If not paid electronically, the student must hand the instructor the payment before class starts.
Dress Code and Shoes: The summer session is more relaxed so leotards are recommended but not required. The student should wear comfortable clothing that they can move around easily in. Shorts and tank tops or tshirts are fine. (Please remember that modesty must be maintained, breasts, belly and bottom must be covered at all times) (since they will be upside down, Tumblers MUST wear a leotard or one piece swimsuit)
Shoes: Tap dancers must have tap shoes but see if the studio has some to borrow before buying new, Hip Hop classes should wear a clean sneaker or jazz shoe, Ballet classes should have a soft ballet shoe or jazz shoe, Lyrical/Contemporary classes should have PAWs or bare feet, Tumbling classes should have tumbling shoes or bare feet.
Hair should be back away from the face: pony tails, headbands, etc.
OBSERVERS: There is limited observation in the studio. Please maintain social distancing.

MASKS: Masks are not required.  However, the studio will comply with your family policy on mask wearing. Please indicate to the instructor if you wish for your student to wear their mask the entire class and wish it to be enforced. 

Ages are guidelines only: The talent and years of experience can also be taken into consideration when placing students in appropriate classes.

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