Pictures THIS Saturday March 19th

Group and individual pictures will be taken at the dance studio this Saturday March 19th. You are not required to purchase pictures but each class likes a complete group picture. Times for each class are as follows.
10am Mon Adv. Tap
10:15am Mon Pre Dance AND Mon Jazz 2
10:30am Mon Tap 1
10:45am Tues Ballet 4 AND Tues Adv Baton
11:00am Mon Jazz 1 AND Tues Pre Combo
11:15am Tues Jazz 4
11:30am Tues Pointe AND Mon Ballet 3
11:45am Mon Ballet 1
12:00pm Heaven Solo
12:15pm Tues Tap 4 AND Mon Tumbling 1
12:30pm Wed Pre Combo
12:45pm Wed Combo 1 AND Thurs Ballet 3
1:15pm Thurs Tumb 3/4
1:30pm Wed Tumb 2 AND Wed Pre Dance
1:45pm Thurs Jazz 3 AND Mon Adv Ballet/Jazz
2:00pm Wed Combo 2 AND Thurs Pre Tumb
2:15pm Thurs Tumb 1 AND Teacher Assistant
2:30pm Thurs Tap 3 AND Fri Pre Dance
2:45pm Wed Hip Hop 3 AND Fri Pre Combo
3:00pm Thurs Tumb 2 AND Fri Combo 1
3:15pm Thurs Tumb 3 AND Fri Combo 2
3:30pm Tues Adv Tumb AND Duet- Linda/Elise
3:45pm Duet- Olivia/Aubree

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