Recital information and dress rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal is Monday May 5th at the SJHS. The recital guidelines and information form is handed out in class this week. Here is the document as well.
recital guidelines

The dress rehearsal schedule is as follows: Please come in your first costume.
Heather’s Dance Company
Dress Rehearsal- Monday May 5, 2014
St Johns HS Auditorium

6:00-7:00 Tues Disney Summer Fun
Tues Pre Dance The Counting Song
Wed Pre Combo Sugar and Spice
Wed Pre Dance I’m A Star
Tues Combo 1 Big Top Ballet
Wed Pre Combo I Can’t Wait
Fri Combo 1 Forest Fairy Ballet
Wed Jazz 1 Beautiful Day
Wed Tap 1 Swingin on a Star
Fri Combo 1 It Takes Two
Wed Ballet 1 Tea Party Ballet
Solo I Do Believe in Fairies
Tues Combo 1 God Girl
Wed Tumb 1 Freeze Frame
Special Everything

7:00-8:00 Tues Combo 2 Headphones
Mon Tumb 2 Gold
Wed Tumb 3/4 Roar
Thurs Tumb 4 Calling All the Monsters
Fri Adv Tumb Move
Fri Tumb 3/4 Citizen Soldier
Tues Combo 2 Not Alone
Mon Tap 2 Happy Happy Song
Mon Ballet 2 Me and My Heart
Tues Combo 3 Counting Stars
Mon Jazz 2 Unstoppable
Thurs Baton Lights
Adv Baton My Song Knows
Tues Combo 3 Stompa
Thurs Ballet 3 Alice In Wonderland

8:00-9:00 Mon Adv. Ballet Mystical
Tues Jazz 4 On the Radio
Thurs Tap 3 Soda Pop Bop
Mon Adv. Lyrical What Do I know of Holy
Thurs Jazz 3 Soldiers
Wed Jazz 4 In Color
Mon Adv. Tap Oh What A Day
Tues HH4 Can’t Hold Us
Wed Lyrical 4 Redeemed
Mon Adv. HH I’m Turnt
Solo/Sarah Steal the Show
Solo/Heather On Top of The World
Wed HH4 Jesus High
Mon Adv. Tap End of My Rope

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