February 2016 Newsletter and Information

Heather’s Dance Company

February 2016 Newsletter * Praise God Through Dance


  • This is typically the month that students get tired, bored or discouraged with coming to class. We are/will be working hard on routines for the next several weeks.  Parents please keep me informed of any problems you may be having with getting your student to come to class.  Sometimes we learn a huge chuck of choreography quickly in one class and students get discouraged.  Sometimes I forget when giving corrections, to also give praise.  Some students want to get a certain step or trick, some just want to have fun.  As each family is different, I can also adjust my teaching and correction policy to each student.  The following will also help.
    • Get the music to practice or even listen to at home
    • Video the routine to practice at home (I love it when a parent has a video to look back on if a student was absent or I changed something and didn’t change it in my notes)
    • Have dance night be a family fun night (going out to eat, playing games reading together- whatever your student will associate with awesome dance!)
    • Let me know if your student is struggling with something, I’ll do what I can to help.
    • I will try to always put some fun step and encouragement at the end of class as a reward.
  • Bring a Friend Week/Celebration of Dance: February 22-26. Bring a friend to dance for free.  Fun steps, fun dance games, fun prizes all week. Parents of individual classes are encouraged to get together to have a pizza party in the back room of the studio or bring a snack for the whole class.

Recital costumes, tights and shoes. With most costumes in already, please start looking for the proper color/style of shoes needed for the recital (you will need them for pictures in March)  Yu can go to Bottoms Up in Okemos or I highly recommend www.discountdance.com for tights and shoes  (tights should be light suntan in color for all classes- they should look flesh color/not orangey) My favorites are: Capezio Hold & Stretch Footed tights (style no. 14C) about $9.75 child or (style no. 14) $11.65 adult

If you are in a ballet or lyrical class that wears dance PAWS , you will need the Capezio Convertible or transition tights in /lLT SUNTAN color.  Adult (style no.  1816) $11.40 or Child (style no. 1816c) $9.75

Or the Natalie lowback Seamless Camisole Undergarment (style no. N8301) that is recommended for some classes in order to maintain modesty.  NUDE color.

Use discount code (TP31523) to get 10% off.

  • I am also taking orders for HDC Warm Up jackets and pant sets. I’m sure you’ve all seen the great looking jackets that some dancers are sporting around.  If you missed out at Christmas and want to order now, I’ll send in an order Feb 26th.  $130 for the entire set, $100 jacket only.


  • Recital pictures are scheduled for Sunday March 20th. Order forms will be distributed within the next couple weeks. The schedule is as follows:  I apologize that it is on Palm Sunday. I completely understand if you must skip out because of church or religious views.  I needed to do what was best for MY family.  My hope is that you can worship, then come for pictures (remember that you are not required to purchase pictures but I like a complete group for my wall and the recital program)


Picture Schedule Sunday march 20 At the studio
9:45-10:00   Teacher assistants Tues Pre Dance A
10:00-10:15     Mon More A/B
10:15-10:30   Mon Tap/Ballet 2 A  
10:30-10:45   Mon Jazz/Hip Hop 2 A Mon Midnight Moon A/B
10:45-11:00   Mon Tumb 1/2 A Mon Car Radio A/B
11:00-11:15   Tues Tap/Ballet 1 B Mon Church Clap A/B
11:15-11:30   Mon Baton 1 A/B
11:30-11:45   Tues Lyrical 4 A/B
11:45-12:00   Senior Solo Competition Team-Feel It A/B
12:00-12:15   Tues Jazz 4 Vegas Lights A/B Tues Pointe A/B
12:15-12:30   Tues Hip Hop 4 Uma Thurman A/B  
12:30-12:45   Tues Tap 4/Adv Ex’s and Oh’s A/B Thurs Lyrical 3 B
12:45-1:00   Wed Combo 3/4 B All Dancing With A Wolf A/B
1:00-1:15   Mon Adv Tumb A/B Thurs Jazz/Hip Hop 3 B
1:15-1:30   Thurs Tumb 3 A/B
1:45-2:00   Thurs Tap 3 B Tues Tap 4/Adv 9 to 5 A/B
2:00-2:15   Wed Combo 1/2 B Thurs Adv Baton A/B
2:15-2:30   Wed Pre Combo A
2:45-3:00   Wed Pre Dance B Wed Tumb 4 B
3:00-3:15   Fri Tumb/HH 1/2 A Wed elite tumb A/B
3:15-3:30     Fri Tumb/HH 3/4 A



Dress Rehearsal is TUESDAY MAY 17TH.  The order and approximate times are attached.  Note that the younger girls are earlier, with some of the older girls mixed in.  The recital will NOT be in the same order.  That order will be out within the next couple months.

Heather’s Dance Company  
Dress Rehearsal- Tuesday May 17th  
St. Johns HS Auditorium  
6:00-7:00 Tap 4/Adv- 9 to 5  
Wed. Pre Dance- Goodship Lolipop  
Wed. Pre Combo- Butterfly Princess  
Tues Pre Dance- Baby Face  
Wed. Pre Combo- You’re Cute  
Tues Tap 4/Adv- Ex’s and Oh’s  
Tues Ballet 1-Pretty Ballerina  
Tues. Pointe- Dance of the sugarplum Fairy  
Wed. Combo 1/2- Bee A Dancer  
Mon. Jazz 2- That’s How You Change the World  
Tues.Tap 1 – Dancing on a Dime  
Mon. More  
Mon. Tap 2- Dear Future Husband  
Wed. Lyrical 4- Prisoner  
Mon Midnight Moon  
Mon. Ballet 2- A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes  
Wed. Combo 1/2- City  
7:00-8:00 Competition Team  
Fri. Combo 1/2 -Alice in Wonderland  
Tues. Jazz 4- Vegas Lights  
Mon. Tumb 1/2- Itsy Bitsy  
Fri. Tumb 3/4- Water  
Fri. Tumb/HH 1/2- Make Some Noise  
Thurs. Adv. Baton- Beat It  
Mon. Adv Tumb- Moves Like Jaguar  
Wed. Tumb 4- This is Not a Test  
Thurs. Tumb 3- Go Big or Go Home  
Wed. Elite Tumb- Tell Me Something  
Tues. Hip Hop 4- Uma Thurman  
Wed. Combo 3/4-House of Gold  
Thurs. Lyrical 3- Grow  
Dancing with a Wolf  
Mon. Baton 1- Glow  
Wed. Combo 3/4- Tutti Fruitti  
8:00-9:00 Mon. Church Clap  
Thurs. Jazz 3- Wings  
Thurs. Tap 3- Gonna Wash That Man right Outta  
Mon Car Radio  


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