Fundraisers #2

Heather’s Dance Company

Dance Competition Team

Dance at Disney Team

Senior Cruise Team


Fund Raiser Opportunities 2016


#1  Snack Table.  Sign up for a week to be in charge of the snack table.  You would be in charge of providing snacks (homemade or store bought) for the snack table for the entire week.  Items would need to be packaged and ready to sell for 75 cents each.  The snack table will be started next week by the Moore family.  They have done it before so you can use them as an example.  (You come in and empty the money bucket into an envelope for the family from the previous week, set up your stuff and sell away)  A sign up sheet will be on the table.  (Last year, with donations from volunteers, we used snack table funds to purchase 5 costumes in the costume angel program!)  Please support this great easy fundraiser.  If you’d like to participate in this but do not plan to attend any of the dance teams, you can just donate the proceeds to the costume angel fund.


#2 Applebees Pancake Breakfast Fund Raiser. Saturday November 19th from 8-10am at St. Johns Applebees.  Breakfasts are $8 each (if you’d like to participate, please sign up so you can sell tickets BEFORE the actual day)  Breakfast includes eggs, bacon and pancakes, along with water to drink.  Other beverages must be purchased separately.  Participants must arrive at 7:30 and stay to help clean up afterward.  (if you cannot commit to the entire event time, please do not participate, just come eat breakfast instead).  Each dancer that pre sells tickets will receive the profit from her own pre sales,  all tickets sold at the door AND tips are split equally among the participants.  Dancers under 12 years old must have an adult volunteer with them.


#3 Car Wash! Saturday October 8th 11am to 2pm  at St. Johns Auto Zone (corner of M-21 and old US-27).  Participants should  arrive at 10:30 to set up.  We need to bring our own supplies including, hoses, buckets, brushes, sponges, tire cleaner, soap, drying towels, towel rack.    Cars washed for a donation.  All donations are split between the participants.  Dancers under 12 years old must have an adult volunteer with them.  You must be available the entire time in order to get equal split of funds.  If it is raining that day, the wash will be cancelled.


#4 Schwans Fund Raiser.  It is almost done, but not too late.  If you’d like your proceeds from your friends and family, you need to sign up as a team member.  If you need help with that, please see the posters on the wall at the studio.



All funds from the above fund raisers would be put into a Dance Team account under your name and saved until payments are needed to be made on the trips.  Only the Senior Cruise Team needs funds in October.  The Competition Team will need funds in December and the Dance at Disney Trip will start sign ups and payments in January 2017.

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