February Newsletter!

February Newsletter 2018

Here is important information!

The week of February 19-23 is Celebration of Dance Week!  We do this at our studio because we recognize that students get tired of working on only the recital routine or frustrated or bored if not given a reprieve.  This week, in all classes except advanced, students are invited to bring a friend (close to their age) to class.  The friend can dance with them for free; we will do across the floor combinations, limbo, play dance games, and show our friends our dances.  Parents are encouraged to make this a special week as well.  Perhaps you could bring a treat to share with the class, order pizza and have a party in the back room, invite someone special to come watch the class or just do something special as a family that week.  The goal is to recreate the excitement of coming to dance class.

Secondly, the week of March 19-23 is bring costumes to dance week. Students are encouraged to bring their costumes to class and wear them to practice in them! We may as well get some use out of them and they are so much fun!


Monday Jan 29 classes were cancelled due to instructor illness.  The make up for these classes is Saturday February 17th at the following times:

Pre Dance 9-9:30am, Tap 2 9:30-10am,             Ballet 2 10-10:30 am, Jazz/HH 2 10:30-11am, Tumbling 2 11-11:45am, Adv Tap 11:45-12:30pm, Jazz/HH 4 12:30-1:15pm, Ballet/Lyrical 4 1:15-2:00


Any costume that shows the legs above the knee needs to wear tights with them at dress rehearsal and the recital.  All classes should wear light suntan tights except the following routines need white tights: Ballet Waterfall, Ballet Allegro Vivace, Pre dance Teddy Bear Hop, Pre Dance Cute and Cuddly, Pre Combo Diva Dolls/Keep on Tryin.

You can get tights (Footed or transition) at several places, including bottoms up in Okemos or online at www.discountdance.com or even amazon.  My favorite brand is Capezio Hold and Stretch (light suntan) or Capezio Ultra soft (light suntan) but the Theatricals brand that is cheaper works as well.  The color – light suntan- is the most important part.

If your student changes costumes backstage, she is required to wear a nude colored bodysuit under the costume to maintain modesty.  There are several available online.


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