January News at the Studio!

Picture Schedule and Newsletter:

January Newsletter:



Picture Schedule

Heather’s Dance Company Picture Schedule Come in the front door only. The back room door will be locked
Saturday April 13, 2019 and curtained for costume changes.
All pictures are at the dance studio. Order Forms will be available in March.
This Class (both columns) AND This Class (Both columns)
9:00am Adv. Lyrical: the Breakup Song Adv. Jazz: Hosana Hosana
9:15am Adv. Contemporary : Battlefield Mon Tap 2- Songing in the Rain
9:30am Adv. Hip Hop: Saints Mon Ballet 2- I Can Only Imagine
9:45am Mon. Jazz/HH 2- Work
10:00am Comp Team- Beautiful People Mon. Tumbling 2- Can’t Stop the Feeling
10:15am Castles Dance-(26) Mon Pre Dance- Please Mr. Postman
10:30am Tues. Tap Adv/4- Hit the Road Jack
10:45am Tuess Lyrical/Ballet  4- Chains/Carol of the Bells
11:00am Tues Jazz/HH 4- Lifer/Idol Senior Solo: Grace Rosbury
11:15am Wed Elite Tap: Come Alive Tue Pointe- Winter Wonderland
11:30am Comp Team: Imma Bee
11:45am the Greatest Show -Tues Tap, Wed Tumb 4, Wed Adv Tumb
12:00pm Staff Picture- Teachers/Assistants
12:15pm Tue Tap 1- Hey Good Lookin
12:30pm Tue Ballet 1- Little Red Riding Hood
12:45pm Tue Jazz/HH 1- Five Little Monkeys
1:00pm Tue Tumb 1- Celebration
1:15pm Fri Ballet Adv.- The Celts Wed Pre Dance- The ladybug club
1:30pm Fri Lyrical Adv.- Perfect Wed Pre Combo- Space Unicorn/Sugar n Spice
1:45pm Wed tumbling 4/Adv. – Joy
2:00pm Wed Combo 1/2- God Girl/Time for Tea
2:15pm Wed Combo 3/4- Might not Like Me/Promised Land Wed Adv/Elite Tumb- This is Me
2:30pm Thurs Pre Combo- The Counting Song/Sweet Treat Ballet
2:45pm Thurs Adv Baton- Hogwarts
3:00pm Thurs Tap 3- In the Mood Again
3:15pm Thurs Lyrical 3- I Get to Love You Thurs Tumb 3- Glad You Came
3:30pm Thurs Jazz/HH 2- Heartbeat

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