Final information for outdoor recital

Hello Dance Families,

This week dance class is the dress rehearsal, please have students wear costumes to class to practice in.  (Hair and makeup is optional).  The schedule with each student name and practice time is at the end of this email. Please look carefully as some students show and practice times have changed from last week.

How the Recital and Pictures will work:

Each show has 35-43 students participating in it. Show A is at 10:00am, Show B is at 12:00pm,. Show C is at 2:00pm.  SHOW A AND B ARE ABOUT AN HOUR LONG, SHOW C IS ABOUT 1 1/2 OR 2 HOURS LONG.

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE STILL TRYING TO LIMIT OUR EXPOSURE TO EACH OTHER AND BEING IN PUBLIC.  As much as I would like to make this a huge community event, we will need to limit the number of people that you invite to watch.  Please be aware that I have several students that have low immune systems that are still wanting to participate but need to limit their exposure to others.  Please only have 1-2 people per student come to watch.  I ALSO ENCOURAGE YOU TO WATCH YOUR STUDENT, GET PICTURES TAKEN AND LEAVE THE AREA TO MAKE ROOM FOR OTHERS.

I am not selling tickets or setting up seating.  Please bring your own lawn chairs.  We will have a table for donations to help cover the cost of renting the stage.  If every family donates $5, we will cover the cost, anything additional will go toward studio summer expenses.  I appreciate your generosity.

Students with costume changes, we are setting up a little “tent city” in the grass stage right (by the ramp).  We have several parents already bringing tents with separate rooms and pop up shanties, but if you have anything to bring, it would be helpful to keep kids distanced and modest while changing between routines.

When you arrive (ARRIVAL TIME DEPENDS ON YOUR PICTURE SCHEDULE, BUT PLAN 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE SHOW STARTS),  please find a space to be in.  Students will meet at the bottom of the ramp (stage right) to line up for their routine.  They should stay with their parent until their performance, unless, of course, they are in multiple routines.  We will have 8.5×11 signs with the class song name that we will hold up so that you can see when we are “calling” you to be ready.  We will have 1 class on stage, 1 on the ramp, and 1 getting ready at the bottom of the ramp.  We, of course will be keeping the student distanced as much as possible.  If you’d like your student to wear a mask until they go onstage, that is perfectly acceptable to me.  I am happy to hold it until they come off stage.

The Picture schedule is also attached.  The photographers will have roped off areas and distance lines for everyone, along with sanitizing procedures between students.  The schedule is not set in stone.  If you arrive and see that there is room for you, get your picture taken.  I have tried very hard to have students be able to arrive in their first costume, get picture taken, then perform or perform then get picture taken so that it is close together.  The students that are in multiple classes, of course, are different, but I have still tried to make it quick and easy.  You are not required to purchase pictures, but the studio wall composite will be all individuals this year versus groups.  If you do not want to get pictures taken, I am not offended, if you only want to get pictures taken with 1 costume, or with siblings, that is all fine with me.  HOWEVER, to make the process go quickly, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU PREORDER PICTURES FROM THE LINK I SENT LAST WEEK OR  ON THE STUDIO WEBSITE.  AND, HAVE POSES PICKED OUT FOR EACH COSTUME.  I will not be there to pose students since I will be running the shows.  Again, our goal is to pose, snap, and go!

T-shirt orders will be ready next week.  I will send an email to families to notify them when they can pick them up directly from Sports Stop.

SUMMER DANCE CAMPS: I will be offering a few summer dance camps in July.  Info to be posted later.

Attachment: PICTURE SXCHEDULE 2020.pdf (43.2kB)

Attachment: Modified Dance Schedule 2020.pdf (49.1kB)


4:30-4:50 Baton FIREWORK, Gus, Kara, Hailey, Lydia 10:00 AM A
5:00-5:20 Tap 2 SO LONG TOOTS, Sophie, Brynleigh, Jordyn, Hailey, Teighlor 10:00 AM A
5:30-5:50 Ballet 2 PLAYTIME BALLET, Milana, Peyson, Acadia 10:00 AM A
6:00-6:20 Hip Hop 2 DIG A LITTLE DEEPER,  Peyton, Madelynn, Audrey, Adrianna 12:00 PM B
6:30-6:50Hip Hop 2 DIG A LITTLE DEEPER, Avery, Sophie, Teighlor, Lily, Brynleigh 10:00 AM A
7:00-7:20 Tumbling 2 BOP, Milana, Lily, Peyson 10:00 AM A
7:30-7:50 Tumbling 2 BOP, Brookly, Alexis, Josie 12:00 PM B
8:00-8:40 Adv Lyrical/Contemporary THE JOKE AND CAR RADIO, whole class 2:00 PM C
8:40- 9:15 Adv Jazz/Hip Hop COTTON EYED JOE AND BORN AGAIN AND FEEL IT, whole class 2:00 PM C
5:00-5:20 Tap 1 ROCKIN ROBBIN, lily, Lillian, Kerrigan, Calli 2:00 PM C
5:30-5:50 Hip Hop 1 ICE CREAM DREAM, Alicia, Kerrigan, Lily, Calli 2:00 PM C
6:00-6:20 Hip Hop 1 ICE CREAM DREAM, Scarlett, Laela, London 12:00 PM B
6:30-6:50 Tumbling 1 GOTTA MOVE, Scarlett, Chloe K, Abby 12:00 PM B
7:00-7:20 Tumbling 1 GOTTA MOVE, Alicia, Onalee, Calli 2:00 PM C
7:30-7:50 Ballet 1 HAPPY WORKING SONG, Alicia, Lula, Onalee, Lily 2:00 PM C
8:00-8:20 Ballet 1 HAPPY WORKING SONG, Chloe K, Kendalynn, Abby 12:00 PM B
5:00-5:20 Pre Dance GIGGLES AND WIGGLES, Jordyn, Breslin, Charley 12:00 PM B
5:30-5:50 Pre Dance GIGGLES AND WIGGLES, Lily, Kinsley, Helena 2:00 PM C
6:00-6:20 Pre Combo THINK PINK AND ABC’S, Ella, Natalie, Laela 2:00 PM C
6:30-6:50 Pre Combo THINK PINK AND ABC’S, Skyler, Claudia 10:00 AM A
7:00-7:20  Combo 1 and 2 FUNKY PANTS DANCE AND GIRL POWER, Scarlett, Payton, Brionna, Aspen, Alyssa, Zoie 2:00 PM C
7:30-7:50   Combo 1 and 2 FUNKY PANTS DANCE AND GIRL POWER, Kortni, Anna, Sara, Kayle, Sydney 12:00 PM B
4:00-4:20 Pre Combo PUPPY LOVE AND BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO, Nyra, Elisa, Laela, Evelyn 12:00 PM B
4:30-4:50 Pre Combo PUPPY LOVE AND BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOO, Addie, Everly, Hannah, Harper 10:00 AM A
5:00-5:20 Lyrical 3 THE RIGHT ONE, Lydia, Elizabeth, Kara 10:00 AM A
5:30-5:50  Hip Hop 3 I LIKE TO WIN AND FEEL IT, whole class 10:00 AM A
6:00-6:20 Tap 3 BETTTY LOU’S GETTING OUT TONIGHT, whole class 10:00 AM A
6:30-6:50 Jazz/Hip Hop 4 SALUTE AND HEY LOOK MA AND FEEL IT, Bailey, Alexa, Yara, Ily, Isabelle, Caitlynn 10:00 AM A
7:00-7:20 Lyrical 4 CIRCLE OF LIFE AND RESCUE ME, whole class 2:00 PM C
7:30-7:50 Tap 4/Adv COFFEE IN CARDBOARD CUP, whole class 2:00 PM C
8:00-8:20  Adv Baton GAMEFACE, whole class 12:00 PM B
8:30-8:50  Adv Tap SWING SET, Molly, Caitlynn 12:00 PM B
9:00-9:20 Pointe ALICE IN WONDERLAND, whole class 2:00 PM C
3:15-3:50 Adv Tumbling ROLLING IN THE DEEP, whole class 2:00 PM C
4:00-4:20 Tumbling 3 HANDCLAP, Breanna, Emma D, Adrianna 12:00 PM B
4:30-4:50 Tumbling 3 HANDCLAP, Ily, elizabeth, Emma W. 10:00 AM A
5:00-5:20 Tumbling 4 RADIOACTIVE, whole class 10:00 AM A
5:30-6:00 Adv Ballet/Lyrical NUTCRACKER AND YOUNG AND THE BEAUTIFUL , Molly, Bri 12:00 PM B
6:00 -6:20 Musical Theater HARD KNOCK LIFE, Ella, Caitlynn, Kara, Madison, Molly 12:00 PM B
6:30-6:50 Comp Team Contemporary DARK PARADISE, Molly, Emma, Kenna, Isabelle 2:00 PM C
7:00-7:30 Comp Team Hip Hop CTRL ALT DEL, Emma D, Kara, Adrianna, Madison 12:00 PM B
CTRL ALT DEL, Shelby, Gus, Isabelle, Allie, Molly 2:00 PM C
7:40-8:00 Comp Team Jazz MORE, Emma, Allie, Isabelle 2:00 PM C
POUR SOME SUGAR, Jordyn, Shelby 2:00 PM C
8:10-8:40 Adv Lyrical/Contemporary THE JOKE AND CAR RADIO 2:00 PM C

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