October Information

Halloween ALL WEEK. Students are welcome to wear dance costumes or halloween costumes (within reason) to class all next week. Of course be sure that he or she can still move and participate in the class in said costume, if not, maybe just a mask or face paint….

Lots of new studio spirit Merch!

Order the new Be Kind shirts and the crystal bling warm up jackets before October 31 in order to have them ready by Christmas

Or, choose some of the in stock items we have! Bagged and ready for you to pick up in the front of the studio during any studio hours.


Please note that parents that want to watch the dance classes, each class is live streamed through the BAND app and can be viewed as the class is live.  Please set up your Name on the app so that I can tell who your student is.  Example: Heather Reed (Kris mom) .  I periodically check to see who is watching, if I do not recognize the name I will either stop the live stream or remove you from the group.  (We have to be careful of creepers).  Also, please only watch YOUR students class.  It may be entertaining to watch other classes but that is not fair to the students that are in the class.

I have recently put a QR code reader on the door of the studio so you can join right from your phone if you’d like.  Just open your camera and hold it over the code, a link will pop up to open, then follow instructions from there.

Band App- Heathers Dance co  here is a link to directly join the group.  I also use this group to post randomly about studio information. 

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