Dance at Disney Updated Information!

I’ve decided to allow dancers and families to arrange their own travel to the resort. Removing the airfare lowers the cost significantly! Here is the updated information.

If you missed the meeting: Here is some of the information you missed:
FundRaisers: We will do several fund raisers. If you are interested in leading one, please get with me. The only rules are that it needs to be available to the entire team and that I must be aware of it.

You can drive or fly down yourself. If you are interested in flying with a group, let me know as our travel agent said that they would be happy to help some of us to get a decent rate.

This is how the trip works: We practice our routine before the trip, everyone arrives at the resort on the designated date (you can arrive as early as you want since Disney has a service that will hold your luggage until your room is ready). You are on your own as a family to park hop as you want. Friday Nov. 24th (day after Thanksgiving) depending on when we are scheduled to perform, the dancers will get ready, we will have a separate bus for the dancers and myself, we (dancers and myself only) will be taken to a backstage area at Disney to prepare (practice again, fix costumes and makeup) Parents will use Disney transportation to go to Downtown Disney Waterside Stage. The bus we have rented will bring us to the actual stage when it is close to our performance time. We will perform, the bus will take us back to the staging area where dancers will need to change back into street clothes since Disney will not allow them to be in the parks in costume.
After that, sometimes we use the bus to take us to Universal Studios or Sea World (we have the bus the entire day, that is part of our cost)
Then everyone is on their own again to vacation and return home!

In order to participate in the routine, you must book the trip with the group. I am still checking on the option to add a food package, but if that doesn’t work, last time, I just ordered groceries to be delivered to my room and they were there when I arrived. The rooms have a refrigerator (small one)

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