Classes with register option by age and level.

Ages and classes level are guidelines. If the skill is present, adjustments can be made. Each class is designed to be taken 2 years in a row. Older beginners welcome and encouraged.

2-3 year olds (Pre Dance)

3-4 year olds (Pre Combo)

5-6 year olds (Level 1)

5-9 year olds (Level 1 and 2 – multi level classes)

7-9 year olds (Level 2)

7-12 year olds (Level 2 and 3 – multi level classes)

10-12 year olds (Level 3)

10-18 year olds (Level 3 and 4 – multi level classes)

12-18 year olds (Level 4)

12-18 year olds (Advanced/Elite classes)

Competition Team and Dance at Disney (ages 9 and up)

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