Season Start Information

It’s not too late to register.  Several classes still have room in them, register online

Here is the link to the September studio newsletter

September 17

The used shoes at the front of the studio can be swapped out or purchased for $10.  The funds go toward the Costume Angel Fund.

The snack table at the dance studio is stocked each week by a different Disney Team member.  Funds from the snack table go toward that individual’s costuming needs. Bring your change, each item is $.75

Here is the link to order dance shoes from the online storefront.  Search for the style and level of the class your student in in.  It will show you leotards, tights, bags and shoes recommended for each class.

Here is the link to support the Dance at Disney Team’s Pampered chef Fund Raiser.  The team has several additional costume requirements that 20% of your sales will go toward. Orders Due by Sept 14th

Here is the link to Order Little Caesars Pizza Kits to support the Dance studio Fall FundRaiser.  These funds will go toward studio updates like video equipment and furniture.  Orders Due by October 16th




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