December Information

Hello Dance Families,

I know its still November, but here is the December newsletter as it contains information that is pertinent still for November.

Here is a link to a PDF copy.  It will also be available on the studio website.!ApmNzAixm-T2gh0ZpW9aE9DfWPsE.

Heather’s Dance Company. December 2017 Newsletter 

  •    *The St. Johns Santa Parade is Friday December 1st.  Dancers are invited to participate in the parade.  We have a small wagon float for the pre and level 1 dancers but you must sign up ahead of time as space is limited.  All dancers are invited to wear glow items and walk in the parade, twirl baton or tumble.  Line up behind the courthouse at 5:30. The parade starts at 5:45pm. Dress Warm 
  • *The competition team will be selling hot soup and chili outside of the studio before, during and after the parade.  It was a great hit last year!  The Disney Team might make a surprise street performance after the parade as well.  

  • *Dance Costume Orders are ready to be placed!  Thank you to everyone for getting everything in on a timely manner.  I am in need of only 2 more costume angels.  We had several take advantage of the funds we had from used shoe donations and other regular donations.  Thank you to everyone that donated to this fund.  I am always very happy with this communities generous and giving hearts to help these kids be able to participate in something they love.  

  • *Christmas break is a little wonky this season.  It is from a Wednesday to a Wednesday.  No class December 20-January 2nd.  (the studio will be open on select days for competition team practices). Regular classes resume Wednesday January 3rd 

  • *With that being said, it is this time of year that parents question whether they pay the full tuition amount in December since it is a short month.  The answer is yes.  All months have an equal payment.  Some months have 2, 3, 4 and some 5 lessons in them.  (no short paying on short months, no extra charge for longer months) For bookkeeping purposes, everything is kept equal.   

  • *Reminder about the studio snow day policy:  If school is cancelled, the studio is NOT necessarily closed as well.  If it clears up, there will still be class.  I make the decision by 12:00-1:00 on the day in question.  It is posted on the studio website and I will often send an email to the affected families. and the facebook and instagram page.  Be sure to like and follow us to get updates.  The same applies it the weather turns bad later in the day.  If you wonder about a class cancellation, check the website and social media or feel free to text me. 517-256-2074 

  • *The competition team is selling poinsettia plants for a fund raiser.  If you would like to purchase one, please get with your favorite competition team dancer, or just email or text me.  Options are: red, pink or white.  6″ plant $15, 8″ plant $25.  Orders due by 10pm Sunday November 26th and delivery to the studio on Thursday November 30th.  Second order due by 10pm Sunday December 3rd with delivery to the studio on Thursday December 7th. Money is due before delivery.  

  • *Black Friday and Small Business Saturday:  As I type this, my Dance at Disney team is traveling to Orlando Florida.  We will all miss Black Friday- (yay!- lol) However for small business Saturday a great way to support the dance studio is to purchase leotards, shoes and accessories from a couple neat places.  The studio’s online shop has items shipped directly to the studio.  The class lists have been updated with cute leotards, sweaters, etc.  You can also access the link from the studio website.  OR if you shop at Discount Dance Supply, be sure to enter the studio code of TP31523 so the studio gets credit for your purchase. (REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU ORDER THOSE GOLD HIP HOP SNEAKERS)  

  • *Most classes have been working a cute little Christmas dance.  This is just for fun, there is no plan to perform this season.  All classes will begin the recital routines this month.  Remember if you are not participating in the recital, you still learn the routine and be a part of the class.  It is still a great skill to have.  

  • *With how crazy the world is that we live in, I wanted to share a little of my insight about why and what this studio is about.  I love God yes and my goal is if Jesus is sitting in the room or the audience, will he be happy with what he sees.  But along with that there is this: This studio is for ALL body and personality types (that includes tall, not tall, curvy, not curvy, bad knees, bad ankles, flexible, not so flexible, strong, anxious, shy, outgoing, hyper or depressed students). It includes families of ALL types and seasons of life (that includes single or married parents, grandparents, foster, divorced, working, retired, financially stable, struggling, self employed or stay at home families) To know how your student is doing do not compare them to others.  Ask these questions:  Does he/she like it? Are they getting exercise? Are they gaining strength, confidence, social skills? Does it matter if it is at the same rate as another student?  Do they need to be challenged more/less?  Are they and you learning patience, tolerance, compassion?  Are there opportunities for your student to assist others, set a good example, learn from another mistake or success? As a teacher, I go to workshops and conventions and I hear stories about keeping the parents out or at a distance.  Please know this:  I believe that we are partners in your child’s dance and sometimes social skill life. If there is a problem with your child or how he or she is in class, I will contact you.  There may be some skills that some students will never master because of body style or lack of time commitment, but if you are questioning something, I have no problem with anyone asking questions or informing me of something going on with their child that affects them at dance class.  Remember, this studio is NOT the industry norm.  it is never too late to start to dance, although basic ballet strength and technique are important to advance and achieve goals, students can do whatever style they chose.  We are all in this together, to make these young people strong, productive members of society. 🙂  

  • *Make up and missed classes.  Don’t forget that if your child missed a class for any reason, he/she is welcome to make up the class by attending another class of equal or similar level another day of the week.  Don’t worry that the class is learning a different routine.  It’s great for students to experience speed learning in a non stressful way.  If you are not sure, feel free to ask me what/when a suitable make up class would be.  

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