Santa Parade Fri. Dec 6th


link to register to participate in the Santa Parade for HDC

Missed in the November newsletter is the important information that the dane studio is participating in the St. Johns Downtown Santa Parade on Friday December 6th.

Line up starts at the courthouse at 5:15 and the parade starts at 5:45pm.  The route is just from the courthouse, down mainstreet to the depot.  We then turn left and go around the block and drop students off as close to the back door to the studio as possible.

We are looking for young students to ride the float!  Ages 6 and under to ride, and also ALL ages to walk behind the float!  To let me know that you plan to participate, please register with the following link.  If something happens and you change your mind, it is fine, I do not track who shows up the evening of the event as it is dark and hectic, but the registration allows me to be sure I have enough, but not too many kids riding the float.

Dancers should dress very warm.  I bring blankets for the float, but it is usually VERY cold.  IF IT IS RAINING- WE WILL NOT PARTICIPATE.  Snow is fine!  Show up behind the courthouse all glowed up!  (I do not provide glow stuff but I bring a few items that I have)  Note that is is dark and crazy back there.  We are not given specific numbers and where to line up but we try to get there early so we can line up right behind the courthouse along the sidewalk.  (our float will be a black Chevy 2500 tool boxes on the side, pulling a 15′ trailer) Look for the studio logo on the back!

Parents are welcome to either A) drop off their student and leave to watch the parade- then pick them up at the dance studio after the parade or B) walk along the route with us.  We do not hand anything out, just wave and look warm and glo!

Students that are in or have been in baton class or tumbling class are encouraged to tumble or twirl glo batons as they walk along the route.  We will have music playing with a short playlist and dancers can dance and boogie along as well.


FYI: The Dance at Disneyland team and Competition Teams will be selling hot soup in front of the studio most of the evening and the studio will be open before and after the parade for warming purposes.  It is usually a lovely community event with lots going on downtown.  Lots of stuff to do for the whole family.  It is a great start to the Holiday Season.

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